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Digital Talking Watch

A speaker located on the front of the watch for loud and clear voice with attractive face measures approximately 1.5″ wide by 1.75″ long, this watch has an alarm and hourly announcements. Do you have difficulty telling the time on a traditional analog or digital watch? Now finding out the current time is as simple as pressing a button, or feeling tactile markings!


The Denizen Braille and Talking Watch announces the time on demand at the touch of a button in a clear male voice. Plus, it offers the added convenience of raised tactile markings that allow you to discreetly tell the time by touch. This is especially helpful for situations where an audible time report may be a distraction or draw unwanted attention.


This watch has a polished silver tone finish and stainless steel expansion band. The face measures.


Talking Features :-
  • Time announcement on demand
  • Date announcement on demand
  • Optional hourly chime & time announcement
  • Female voice in English
  • Choice of 12 or 24-hour format for talking function

  • Digital Talking Watch 01

  • Digital Talking Watch 02

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