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  • Audio Meter
    An audiometer is a machine used for evaluating hearing loss. Audiometers are standard equipment at ENT (ear, nose, throat) clinics and in audiology centers. They usually consist of an embedded hardware unit connected to a pair of headphones and a test subject feedback button,

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    Audio Meter

  • Digital Talking Watch
    A speaker located on the front of the watch for loud and clear voice with attractive face measures approximately 1.5″ wide by 1.75″ long, this watch has an alarm and hourly announcements. Do you have difficulty telling the time on a traditional analog or digital watch? Now finding out

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    Digital Talking Watch

  • Handicapped Tricycle

    use for : Handicapped

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    Handicapped Tricycle

  • Smart Cane Device
    SmartCane device is an electronic travel aid which fits on the top fold of the white cane. It serves as an enhancement to the white cane and overcomes its limitations by detecting knee-above and hanging obstacles. Such objects include the side of a truck, hanging cloth strings, protruding coolers

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    Smart Cane Device

  • Bigtrack Switch Adapted Trackball
    A unique alternative to the regular mouse for people with limited fine motor skills due to tremors, cerebral palsy, arthritis or any other mobility or learning impairment! A simple touch from the person’s finger, hands or even a foot on the huge yellow ball is that is centrally placed helps

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    Bigtrack Switch Adapted Trackball

  • Blind Smartphone
    This is a smart phone specially build up for the person with visual impairment. It has speech system with different soaping platform other than normal smart phones.also it has E-books , magnifier , colour identifier , money identifier as well as  speaking maps

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    Blind Smartphone

  • Braille Printer
    It is also called as Braille Embosser.It uses fan-folded paper to produce double-sided braille.  100 characters per second High-quality braille Braille and text labeled interface panel Horizontal and vertical braille printing Multilingual speech feedback Tractor-fed paper High Resolution

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    Braille Printer

  • Classic Perkins Brailler
    The Classic brailler is the classic version of the brailler that is widely used by brailler users throughout the world.The world-renowned Perkins Brailler, manufactured by Perkins Products, has changed the lives of people everywhere. These machines, available in various models and colors, will last

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    Classic Perkins Brailler

  • Clevy Keyboard
    The Clevy Keyboard is ideal to build interest and enhance learning abilities of those with learning or visual impairment. With color coded and four times bigger keys it is easy to spot the keys and type with confidence. The Clevy Keyboard is an attractively designed keyboard, designed to help teach

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    Clevy Keyboard

  • Daisy Player
    The new Evo E5 comes with the following features ► Support Indian English , Tamil, Telgu,Hindi,Marathi,Bengali,kannada TTS ► Support Daisy 2.0.2, Daisy 3.0 ► 8GB internal memory, external memory extended up to 32GB ► Voice navigation for each operation step ► Radio receiver, FM

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    Daisy Player

  • Desktop Video Magnifier
    Digital Magnifier 5" HD can be used as a hand-held or stand magnifier for viewing items close up such as a magazine or a textbook, or for viewing items at a near distance, such as a bulletin board or overhead fast food menu. Digital Magnifier 5" HD has an intuitive user-interface with

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    Desktop Video Magnifier

  • MSIED Kit
    MSIED kit is a unique and innovative kit designed for children with special needs suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down syndrome and other such mental disabilities and special needs. The solutions in the kit help to develop their body reflexes, hand eye coordination, sensorial development and

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    MSIED Kit

  • Perkins Smart Brailler
      Smart Brailler with Display in front which should display what is being written in brailler and print fonts. Facility of High quality Audio while pressing keys. Facility of saving the document in USB drive. Should work as Normal Brailler also with six key entry. Dealer should be able to

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    Perkins Smart Brailler

  • Refreshable Braille Display
    The Refreshable Braille Display is a small, portable device featuring:  Refreshable display of 20 braille cells with pins that represent any six- or eight-dot braille code  Reads the contents of files on an SD (Secure Digital™) card for stand-alone operation  Connects to

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    Refreshable Braille Display

  • Talking Calculator

    Type : Digital

    Material : Plastic

    Style : General Purpose Calculator

    Function : Full calculating

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    Talking Calculator

  • Universal Braille Kit
    Braille Slate, Stylus, English & Hindi / Tamil Trainer Plate, Geometry Set, White Cane. Word Block (5), Cube, Tracer Wheel, Paper(20), Taylor’s Frame, Abacus, Type sets, Manual, Back pack. It is designed to teach braille to blind children at home in developing countries with no access to special

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    Universal Braille Kit

  • Behind Ear Hearing Aid
    Behind the ear aids (BTE) consist of a case, an ear mold or dome and a connection between them. The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, microphone(s) and often the loudspeaker. Generally, the case sits behind the pinna with the connection from the case coming down the front into the

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    Behind Ear Hearing Aid

  • Speech Trainer
    Speech Trainer is a device which is used by a teacher to learn a hearing impaired children how to speak. It increase voice pitch which could be heard by a H.I. person. This is one of the most helpful AT Device for a person with special needs. Portable Stereophonic Speech Trainer Operates on Battery

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    Speech Trainer

  • OCR Software
    OCR converts scanned texts into digital texts in Unicode encoding. The OCR digital texts can be stored as Unicode UTF-8 text, RTF (Rich Text Format), or as PDF files with text under image. You can open them with text editors such as Open Office or Microsoft Word, and work with them as you would

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    OCR Software

  • Motorized Wheelchair

    Type of Wheelchairs : Travel Wheelchairs, Reclining Wheelchairs

    Color : Multiple

    Material : Steel

    MOQ : As per client requirement

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    Motorized Wheelchair